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Coming of age

The Firsty Group has come of age. That was the clear message for us from the London Book Fair 2011. From small beginnings and back-of-the-envelope sketches to taking our place at the top table in digital publishing has been quite a journey, but we love the space we've reached and look forward to the next stage of the journey. A big thank you to the Book Fair organisers and to everyone who came to our eBreakfast, who visited our stand and who discussed with us the possibility of partnering them in many and varied digital ventures. Read more...

Fighting piracy is the dumbest thing you can do

Last week during the London Book Fair there was one (digital) topic that came back a few times: piracy. This was not surprising. The book industry is increasingly digital, and it is understandable that the piracy of books is a subject people are concerned about.... Read more

Easter break boosts market

Physical book sales in the seven days to 16th April soared 6.4% (£1.6m) week-on-week and were up 4.3% (£1.1m) on the same week last year, according to Nielsen BookScan data. ... Read more

Why don't academic authors self-publish?

I got an invite from Frank Rennie the other week to contribute a chapter to a book he is thinking of putting together around the subject of the mismatch (or distance) between academic thinking and the potential of new tools. Frank is a big fan of the self-publish sites and has suggested we eschew an academic publisher, and just publish ourselves via Lulu or Blurb.... Read more

Why 99 cent ebooks are a bad deal - for authors

How much should an ebook cost? The answer varies widely, depending on who is asked. Most traditional publishers price their authors' ebooks the same as the print version, reasoning that the costs associated with publishing, marketing and promoting a title do not disappear when a book is published electronically.... Read more

Print stumbles early as ebooks skyrocket

The two reports measure different aspects of the book market and one is far more comprehensive than the other, but figures released last week by Nielsen BookScan and the Association of American Publishers showed a trade market where e-books are thriving and print books are struggling.... Read more

UK retailers rush to stake claim on BlackBerry PlayBook

Carphone Warehouse, Phones4U, Currys, PC World and Best Buy have all announced that they will be selling the BlackBerry PlayBook when it launches in the UK.... Read more

The new way we read: 10 ways digital books are changing our literary lives

The Hermitage Bookshop in Cherry Creek North, decidedly old-school with its oak furniture and elaborate Persian rug, isn't where you'd expect to find a fan of ebooks, but listen to owner Bob Topp: "Ebooks have increased the purchase of print books," he says.... Read more

Planning for 2012 Digital Book World

The fact that Publishers Launch Conferences will stage half-a-dozen or more events before our next big multi-day Digital Book World blowout next January doesn't change the DBW calendar. Now is the time of year when we have to start thinking about what the big issues will be at the turn of the year so we can start planning the program. As we did last year, we'll be calling a meeting of our Conference Council (the 2012 group is currently in formation) at the end of June to brainstorm the topics and our approach to covering them.... Read more

Are publishers ignoring the goldrush?

Buying back the rights to a debut novel and republishing it yourself as an ebook sounds complicated, but it's not, writes DECLAN BURKE, who is selling his for 99 cent on Kindle... Read more

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