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July 19th, 2016

Ten reasons to be cheerful in publishing

The Brexit vote has led to anguish in the industry—but as publishers prepare for their summer break, here’s why we should be looking ahead with confidence

1 Print sales have soared…
Who said the print book was dead? Nielsen BookScan figures show that book sales in the first six months of the year rocketed by 9.3% on 2015—the biggest half-year rise in 14 years. Cookbooks and colouring books have led the way, but sales growth has been spread right across the market.

2 … And ebooks are doing well too
It’s sometimes reckoned that that the renaissance of print sales is the result of a backlash against ebooks. But it’s not that simple, and ebook sales are holding up pretty well too. Nielsen BookScan data presented at the IPG’s recent Digital and Marketing Quarterly showed that while their growth might have slowed, ebooks are continuing to sell very well in fiction in particular.

3 Publishers are closer to readers than ever before
Digital technology has pulled down the barriers between publishers, authors and readers. Websites and social media promote mutually beneficial interaction—and there’s a chance to not just talk to readers but sell to them. As we noted in our last newsletter, the direct-to-consumer channel is a huge opportunity in the years ahead if publishers can get their web offers right.

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