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August 6th, 2021

Pride in Publishing

Editor’s note:

With summer now in full swing, we’ve had a great time attending and sponsoring several events, and have been excited to see an emphasis on direct selling. Of course anyone who has followed us for a while will know that we have been innovating in direct selling for years, and it’s fantastic to see it coming to the forefront in a way which empowers publishers and heightens visibility and reach. Speaking of this, we’re especially excited about our new partnership with Orion, to deliver the digital titles of their imprint, SF Gateway, using Glassboxx.

SF gateway currently offers the world’s largest collection of classic SF, Fantasy, Horror and Crime, so for these to now be available direct for readers will no doubt create a shift in the discovery and accessibility of so many titles, from the classics to the more niche – good news given the ever growing demand for content! Readers will also be able to discover and buy books from within the apps, meaning that they can enjoy even greater immersion with SF Gateway on their mobiles. We’re all about bringing publishers and readers together, and branded apps are a fantastic way to build on this relationship, which is growing increasingly important. You can check out our latest edition of Connections to find out more about what we have been up to with Glassboxx.

Darin Brockman

Firsty Group Founder & CEO

We have been talking more and more about branding, identity, and the connections being formed between publishers, authors and readers, particularly with authors providing a gateway to publishers and adding to brand identity. With June being Pride Month, we took a look at how the publishing industry showed up for Pride, and what it means to highlight LGBTQ+ identities.

In a world increasingly algorithm driven, where like leads to like, it is easier than ever for more progressive authors to appeal to readers looking for a wider array of representations. What is more difficult is the overarching challenge that publishers face, of expanding their brand identities in order to reach this more diverse readership. This challenge has been heightened by the jump in performative activism in recent years, with the Pride flag adopted by companies keen to attract more ‘woke’ consumers, but dropped just as soon as Pride Month passes. Publishing, however, has the power to deliver what so many industries can’t – if one of the key impacts of reading is increased empathy, then books which reflect LGBTQ+ experiences have the capacity not just to raise awareness, but to encourage understanding, and even compassion, as well as providing reassurance and validation.

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